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Today I’m really excited to be able to announce a $5m investment in to BlueChilli from key investors, Myer Family Investments and Internode founder, Simon Hackett.  Simon Hackett is a great friend to BlueChilli and sits on our Investment Committee for our Venture Capital fund.  And being aligned with one of Australia’s largest and most respected established family offices is a huge coup for us and reflects what the whole team at BlueChilli have been building since we started, 3 years ago.  This is incredibly exciting for us at BlueChilli and reflects the quality and passion our team have here and the success our founders are achieving with their startups, both individually and through our growing corporate innovation programs.

As part of the transaction, BlueChilli has bought out seed investors Future Capital, giving their investors an incredible 6.67x return in under 3 years.

However, It’s a bittersweet moment for me, as BlueChilli Director Domenic Carosa steps down from the board.  I’d like to personally thank Dom for believing in me and BlueChilli when we were very young, for his support, mentorship, advice and passion in helping us grow.  His support and involvement in the company as  Director and previous to that an advisor helped shaped BlueChilli to where it is now.

That being said, I’m really looking forward to working with both Simon Hackett and the Myer group and to work with them to grow BlueChilli in to a global player in the world startup ecosystem.