Or how I thought I had an original idea

Read on an article on Anthill “Aussies won’t pay for digital info“, I was somewhat unsurpised at the statistics surrounding the number of Australians who use the internet.

The latest instalment of Australia’s contribution to the World Internet Project finds that Australians are still flocking to cyberspace, with 80 per cent having used it in a recent 3-month period – up from 73 per cent in 2007.

I was unsurprised as this increased web savviness comes at a small price – which I found out when I was excited at coming up with a great idea.

A keyword sms service that’s easy to use

I had a fantastic concept for an SMS based service with wide appeal and a novel business model: an automated keyword reply service to disseminate information, People would login to my website and setup a keyword (for free) and attach a short ‘reply’. Then anyone who texts my number would get this reply for a 55c SMS.

Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? And it is, as since Australia is such a web-savvy and online community, someone has beaten me to it. (By a few years too!)

I think it’s fantastic that Australia has such a large uptake of the internet, and even though we don’t have the sheer numbers of the US, this does create an exciting marketplace for Australian based online innovation – but it does have a slight drawback!

So have you ever had an original idea only to find out you’ve been beaten to it?

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