Elegant software should all be about reducing the time taken to do tasks. I firmly believe that if doing something online or the electronic way takes longer than what it did before – then you shouldn’t be doing it!

One area which can save people heaps of time is when processing bank transactions.

We’ve all been there, sitting in front of our online bank portal typing in entry after entry to pay suppliers, contractors and staff.  But fear not – there is a way to automate this process and make life easier for yourself!

Most Australian banks accept what is called a “Cemtext ABA file” which is a semi-standard issued by the Australian Bankers Association.  Many popular accounting software packages such as MYOB and Quicken can automatically export an ABA file which can be then imported into your bank portal.

But what if you’re running your own financial software?

If you’re running your own custom finance or payroll software you can develop your own aba file generator script which conforms to the ABA file specification.  Alternatively (and this is the plug!) contact my company Blue Chilli Technology and we can develop a solution for you.

To keep things open, we’ve published the full spec of the ABA file format online for you to develop your own functions.  We’ve even built a free ABA file generator which you can trial online.  The files the generator produces have been tested with the major banks and you can use it to upload batch transactions or to validate your own functions.

A recent client claims they will have an ROI of just a few months after commissioning a custom ABA file generator – what used to take their staff hours can now be accomplished in under 30 seconds – which is really making their life easier.

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