Freeloading generation

The general feel in the press is that Gen Y are a bunch of freeloaders.” Gen Y want career advancement, Babyboomers want stability, so it is natural that they feel threatened by the young whipper snappers vying for their management jobs and biting at their entrenched heels.

I recently attended a NSW Department of Industry and Investment “round table” session on Gen Y entrepreneurship.  The round table event was the last in a series of seven events where government representatives sought ideas from entrepreneurs aged 18-35 (well 16-35 as it turned out) on how better to reach and support this demographic in business.

We want mentors… with experience!

The consistent message that came out, was that Entrepreneurs in this age group are desperately seeking mentors.  And specifically mentors from experienced business people.

Baby Boomers should therefore stop feeling threatened by pro-active gen y ‘kids’ and instead assist them in pursuing by being part of their dreams.  Passing on knowledge and seeing someone else prosper with it is a very rewarding thing to do.

In return, Gen Y should stop treating baby boomers like dinosaurs blocking their promotion and instead treat them with respect and seek their advice and direction.

Babyboomers and generation y working together

Imagine what would happen if every up-and-coming Gen y entrepreneur had experienced business direction from willing mentors in the babyboomer age group!

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