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After two weeks of an intense bootcamp, endless pitch rehearsing and an unspecified number of coffees, on Tuesday the #HelloHealthTech Pitch Event was finally there!

Of all the challenges a startup can anticipate to overcome, fog is not something they usually put on the list. One team barely making it into Sydney due to delayed and promptly cancelled flights. But in typical startup fashion, everyone found a way to overcome all obstacles, and the five teams delivered spectacular pitches to an expert judging panel for $40,000.

Seen one, seen ‘em all? Hardly.

Each finalist tackled a different healthcare problem in ways no one would have imagined possible a decade ago. Not only were the finalists exceptional in terms of their business foundations, but turns out they all have a sense a humour too.

The 130 guests, including Westpac staff and key clients, had plenty of entertainment between a StarTrek outfit, a cheeky mention of an advisor that sold his tech business for $300 million being “really quite helpful”, and a hidden Pikachu in a presentation – well-spotted by Ian Hill, Westpac Group Head of Innovation who was one of the judges.

The $40,000 prize winner is Surgical Partners

Surgical Partners is a financial management platform to improve accuracy and transparency for all actors in the medical practice arena. The Surgical Partners financial management platform has automated the end-to-end process of accounting and reconciliation so that it is done on a daily basis rather than monthly, without the need for manual processes, creating a win-win-win solution for owners, managers, doctors and accountants.


Aside from the cash prize, they will receive continued support from Westpac to implement their online accounting and management portal in healthcare practices.

The People’s Choice winner is Cyph MD

With over 7000 voices the People’s Choice award was closely contested but eventually it was Emma and Vojdan from Cyph MD walking away with the People’s Choice Award and $5,000, congratulations! Cyph MD is a communication platform that leverages state-of-the-art technology to facilitate secure data sharing among different stakeholders in the healthcare sector.  So, next time you go to a doctor you can have access to your entire medical history even if your health records are scattered around different hospitals!


This is the most exciting group of finalists we’ve seen in the innovation challenge and testament to exactly how far the startup ecosystem has developed over the past 5 years. It’s been incredible to have played a key role in creating a vibrant ecosystem that discovered such an interesting breadth of ideas, from such a diverse range of entrepreneurs. The diversity and quality of #HelloHealthTech is something the team at BlueChilli is immensely proud of.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who applied, we would like to thank and congratulate all the finalists and we would like to thank Westpac for organising this amazing innovation challenge with us!