2012 has been an awesome year for the team at BlueChilli.  We’ve established ourselves as a credible force in the Australian startup landscape and buit a solid team around our company values of People, Purpose and Passion which has ultimately enabled us to help 14 founders this year start their business dreams.

Our approach of “meerkat marketing” where we “stand up and be seen” has worked well.  Our team are at every startup event and we’ve been proud to sponsor other events with cash, resources and pizza including General Assembly, Sydstart, Pushstart, Geelong ICT, UNSW Peter Farrell Cup and Founders Institute.  Additionally we were named as BRW’s 3rd most innovative company of 2012, we were the General Assembly Startup Brand of the year and the City of Sydney Business of the year finalist

Mid way through the year we made a “pivot” internally to focus more on the visual aspect of our sites, a process we call the “MVP+” where the design is just as important as the functionality to help our founders sell, this has obviously paid off as five of our founders collectively raised over $1.7m in angel capital.

Finally, an interesting statistic that is challenging the status quo is that just under 50% of our founders are female.  This is an amazing statistic when the national average is just under 3% according to Deloitte’s Silicon Beach report [PDF].  I’ll leave the synopsis of “why” to another blog post.

On to the numbers.

2012 in numbers for BlueChilli

77,000 unique visitors to the BlueChilli site
10,353.50 development hours logged
2,664 pitches heard
1,000 tweets written
26 projects started
14 investments made
13 people employed
11 businesses launched
5 businesses raised angel
3 awards won
1 company acquired
1 corporate partnership landed
$1.7m angel funding raised


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