99toLaunch Helps over 100 New Startups get started

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Today marks an exciting milestone – our #99ToLaunch program now has over 100 students! Our congratulations go to every single one of them. Featured in the image below are just a handful of those students and new businesses.

In case you haven’t seen it before, #99toLaunch is a self directed e-learning program that allows potential startup founders to walk through the 99 sharply focused steps needed to help you validate your concept and find the best business, marketing and technology strategy for your startup.

The 99 steps are delivered in weekly bundles over 99 days. Topic areas include proving that a problem exists, business strategy, marketing, prototyping, legals and much, much more.

#99ToLaunch was created as a way for us to share the great content we use internally with the greater startup community. The result is a course that allows a far wider audience to tap into the expertise and knowledge of our experienced entrepreneurs and Advisors.

We are very proud that we have been now able to help over 100 people test their idea and work towards launching their own startup and we look forward to helping hundreds more.