Having a great love for branding, I often look on a daily bases where the branding world is at. This list contains some of the most common mistakes designers may make with creating their client logo’s that I’ve observed.

1. The most important thing is to design with a brief

A brief is used for designers to know what they need to design for the client’s needs and their business. Without a brief, designers are overwhelmed by the amount of the freedom that they have and could design a brand, which does not fit around the business target audience, which results to scrapping the original design and starting again. Working without a briefing on client work is just asking for a disaster.

2. Designing for yourself and not the target market

Clients and designers are often guilty of analyzing a design based on their personal tastes and not the target audience.  You need to know, and even love, your target audience.

3. Not doing enough research

Allocate some time to research so you can understand the context of the business, who the primary and secondary competitors are, how the logo will be used, and the target audience.

4. Showing too many options

This is one piece of advice that I wish I took into account when I first started designing as this common mistake is made often. Clients will only use one of the solutions so there is no point in wasting time and effort in creating multiple options. If various concepts are shown, sometimes a client may ask to combine 2-3 logo’s together which will result in an un-successful logo.

5. Not being able to explain your design

Designers cannot explain their reasons with “I designed it this way because I think it looks good”. Every pixel of the logo must be thought of and have a reason behind it going from colours chosen, fonts chosen, graphics, etc. Every element must have a concept behind and reason behind it, this also shows the client that you have done the research to reach the target audience and company.

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