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So I pretty wear much t-shirts every day, usually it’s the black BlueChilli t-shirt, a cool graphic from Glennz or Threadless – or a branded t-shirt from one of our startups.  I’ve probably got over 200 t-shirts at home, and Alan, after his last blog post on startup tshirts, challenged me to wear only startup t-shirts for 100 days.  Challenge accepted.  And not missing an opportunity, I’m going to also write about the startup here!

First up, CalendarTree


CalendarTree is the first version of a startup we developed with Scott Adams (aka Dilbert), which makes it ridiculously simple to create and share calendars.  The product has evolved over time (a good thing) and has now captured everything to do with managing and creating stories with time – as WhenHub.

WhenHub makes it ridiculously simple to bring multiple people together at a place and time.  You can create a WhenCast and share your location and where you want to go, say the pub for a celebratory drink after you’ve just won an award, and you can then see where everyone is at.  This avoids the “where are you now?” “are you far?” “which pub are you at?” questions that create confusion when more than 2 people are trying to meet at the same time and place.  Anyway, check it out.