Chanie Hyde
corporate boardroom
I’m a firm believer that if you micro-manage or clock watch an employee, you’re setting them up to deliver the bare minimum. I’ve had it done to me. I’ve found myself sitting in front of a disgruntled manager, trying to explain why I was 10 minutes late back from lunch. They were not sympathetic to...
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GiggedIn - BlueChilli
It’s kind of a big deal when your startup gets featured on National TV. GiggedIn, born in the BlueChilli program, is a very successful subscription ticketing platform dreamed up by Edwin Onggo when he was at uni offers members access to more than 50 events (from live music to cinemas to comedy shows) every month...
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Geo's initial sketch
IN THE PURSUIT OF COLOUR Melbourne has a pretty great rep for street art. Hosier and Union Lanes in the CBD are hotspots for tourists and art lovers to appreciate amazing urban creators. At BlueChilli Melbourne, we are lucky enough to have a very “Melbourne” warehouse space. We reside in a bluestone heritage listed building, on the top level...
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WHY PAUSEFEST? Since “Pause” was a twinkle in the eye of its current self, starting 6 years ago, it has had the unwavering goal of connecting creative, tech and business change makers. It is a festival of innovation, networking and empowerment. Pause helps folks to stay on the pulse of the latest technology and connect...
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writing your blog
This is a blog about about writing a blog. I am going to come straight out with the fact that it took me quite a long time to actually get to writing this. The irony is not lost on me.    I get it. It’s easy to put aside writing content when you have 1...
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