July 19, 2021
innox named a Finalist in the The Urban Developer Awards
The Urban Developer just announced the finalists for their Awards for Industry Excellence in 2021, and we’re well chuffed to share that innodox is among them! These Awards recognise the best of urban development from across Australia and New Zealand. inndox co-founders Trish Mackie-Smith and Andrew Mackie-Smith joined BlueChilli’s CityConnect Accelerator in 2017. CityConnect was...
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Quick Safety startup founder Kurt speaking
In Feb 2016 an opportunity came up for QuickSafety startup founder Kurt Alexander to pitch for the Collaborate Small Business Solutions Competition and he took it with both hands! He was selected as a finalist, then went on to place in the top 4, gaining sponsorship by BlueChilli, CCIQ, Suncorp and Microsoft. QuickSafety now has...
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3 SheStarts Founders
We had the pleasure of collaborating with General Assembly on this panel where we asked 3 brilliant SheStarts women startup founders about their experiences with founding their startup. They told us how they’ve funded their startup, from bootstrapping to raising capital, about the failures they encountered along the way and how they overcame them. We’re...
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